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Guidebook to set up Brother Printer

Brother® Ltd. is a Japanese electronics and electrical company that is best known for manufacturing printers and desktop computers. Brother® Company also manufactures large machine tools, fax machines, typewriters, industrial sewing machines, etc. Brother® offers a wide range of printers from blank and white DMP to multifunctional printers.

Features of Brother HL 12360DW Wi-Fi Setup Printer:

How to Setup a Brother Printer?

If you are using a wireless printer then before you start to set up your printer then ensure that your printer and computer are connected to the same device. You must have the network key and network name.

How to get a network name?

Once you get the network name and key then follow the steps mentioned below to Brother Wireless Printer Setup:

  1. Connect the Brother® printer to the power supply via power cord
  2. On your computer, go to start menu
  3. Select networks
  4. Click on WLAN
  5. Click on Setup Wizard
  6. Select Wireless network
  7. Now try to take a print-out from your Brother® printer.

How to connect Brother Printer to the computer?

The main requirement for connecting your Brother® printer to the computer is the printer driver. The printer driver is a communication bridge between devices (computer and printer). Your Brother® will only understand the computer's command when you have installed a printer driver on it. But before installing the setup; make sure you have downloaded the right setup for your printer. If your computer has a CD-drive then you can easily set up your printer with the driver CD you have received with your printer. But if you don't have a CD or CD-drive then you need to download the setup from the internet. Follow the mentioned steps for downloading and installing the Brother® Printer Setup:

  1. Open your computer
  2. Go to the web browser
  3. Visit Brother® Printer website
  4. Click on driver download
  5. A list of Brother® Printer models will appear on the screen
  6. Choose your model carefully
  7. Click on next button
  8. OS page will appear on the screen
  9. Click on your OS
  10. Scroll down and select your language
  11. Click on Download button
  12. Wait for completing the downloading process
  13. Once the setup gets download on your computer; restart your computer
  14. Go to your downloads
  15. Search for Brother® Printer setup
  16. Double-click the file to run the setup
  17. Follow on-screen instructions
  18. Click on agree and install button
  19. Tap the OK button

Finally, click on the finish button for completing the Brother Printer setup.

How to connect Brother Printer to laptop via Wi-Fi?

You can connect the laptop to the Brother® Wireless printer easily. Most of the Brother® printers are compatible with laptops however if you want to take print-out from wireless means then your laptop must have a Wi-Fi card in it. You can even take print-out via Bluetooth. If you want to know how to connect Brother® Printer to Wi-Fi then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Turn on your laptop
  2. Turn on Brother® Printer by pressing the power button of your printer
  3. Hold and press the Wi-Fi button of your printer
  4. Make sure your laptop and Brother® Printer is connected to the same network
  5. On your laptop; go to device and printers
  6. Select Brother® Printer
  7. Choose WLAN
  8. Hit Enter button
  9. Hit the network option
  10. Go to Network
  11. Hit the OK button
  12. Select Encryption network
  13. Hit Enter button

Now you can have successfully configured the Brother® Printer Wi-Fi Setup.

Troubleshooting common errors of Brother Printer

I am getting frequent Paper Jam

Paper Jam is the most common error in almost every printer. But the latest models of Brother® Printers are free from paper jams. You merely get into paper jams on those models. However, if you have an old Brother® Printer then you can get a paper jam every day. The paper jam occurs when a paper chunk or some junk stuck inside your printer or when your paper rollers draw multiple pages simultaneously. Open your printer and remove all the junk.

Fade Printing

Fade printing means a low toner level on your cartridges. Whenever you get fade printouts; check the toner level immediately. If the level is near to the minimum limit then refill your toner or purchase new cartridges. Always purchase original toner cartridges because third-party cartridge can ruin the print quality.

Slow Printing

Slow printing is very common when you are printing from wireless means. Place your printer near to the Wi-Fi source or use the high-speed USB cable for printing. Switching the print quality to low (or drift) mode can also increase printing speed.

If you are facing any kind of error while setting up or using Brother® Printer then talk to Brother® Support immediately.

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